crowd, a crowd-funding website, is devoted to empowering designers or inventors to complete their worthwhile projects. The Projectionista community will provide provisions beyond just leveraging the crowd’s financial resources. We will support campaigns based on need, to provide a level of expertise and industry contacts for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution for lesser equipped project originators. Projectionista is sort of a hybrid of Quirky and Kickstarter project models.

Posting your project on means you have an understanding of the phrase “Crowd-funding”. Our first purpose is to help jumpstart the careers of the young design entrepreneurs and inventors. The current global economic environment has deprived the millennial generation of basic opportunities. Starting a fashion label, a design company or a single product has many hurdles to overcome even in a normal economy. The difficulty of cultivating the desired distribution channels without a solid business record along with the high cost of finance, crippling chargebacks from major retailers, slow payment from boutiques and just general overhead costs leave little or no margins for the design entrepreneur. This current environment only strengthens the established players, without new players having a good chance to enter into the market. The founders of are concerned with serving America and providing growth in business, growth in the economy, creating jobs, fostering new ideas and innovative companies. Our strengths are in design, development and overseas sourcing.

For the budding designer, Projectionista created the Limited Edition seasonal pre-sale program that utilizes the project originator’s own community following. Starting in the place where you are already a “Star”–your own community. Having your trusted inner circle of friends, family and co-workers are key in the success of your campaigns; because they know your level of commitment, your talents and trustworthiness to execute your project in a timely manner. Our online rating system similar to Ebay for the return project originators will give your new backers confidence in your future campaigns. Projectionista will be there from early support to continued long term sustenance. The Limited Edition program is designed to give the project originator countless advantages.

The Limited Edition program starts with the pre-sale of the designer’s best featured items for the following season. After reaching the required production numbers, the designer will receive funds from the backers to place the production orders, replacing the need for production financing. All designers must have well in hand the first cost and the cost to deliver the product before posting their Limited Edition project.  These Limited Edition items will be sold directly to their base of backers, eliminating the retailer and creating more attractive margins. These margins can be used to provide a higher quality product or more profitability. We encourage these projects to be used as a stepping stone to a solid business model. But you can engage with the Limited Edition program every season to create a larger following for your brand and continue to build your working capital. is also a full service product development company.

For questions about our product development, product costing and mass production services contact us: