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 Crowd-funding: The cumulative effect of many people contributing to fund a project in exchange for goods or services, and democratize opportunity, crowd-fund a garment, crowd-fund the start-up company, and crowd-fund a science project.  Projectionista campaign backers will receive perks, rewards or pre-sale items in exchange for funding campaigns.


Campaigners are welcome to use their own resources to deliver their products; or use us to ensure that your product is well priced, placed in a quality factory and delivery to your backers is smooth. Projectionista.com is a division of AM Group, a 9-year old product development and mass production company with offices in China, and design studio and contracted warehouse shipping facility in Los Angeles. We design and produce OEM products for other companies for the USA and Europe.We have over 25 years of experience creating and protecting intellectual property.


  • Set the funding goal and fundraising fixed time frame
  • Projectionista chooses projects based on excellence, viability
  • Your project is one that backers will find a like-minded passion and likely to support
  • For a better chance of success with your campaign, produce an exciting video that clearly explains your project
  • Show your personality and passion on the video giving your campaign sincerity and credibility
  • Have a great reason why people should invest in you
  • Have a great reward system for all increments on your campaign
  • Do your part in informing your personal networks in advance
  • The more like-minded backers that know about your campaign the better chances you can reach a lofty goal amount
  • Know what amount your inner circle of friends and family are willing to pledge for a great start
  • Use Social media to reach others with similar interests such as LinkedIn groups, Facebook and Twitter
  • We are supportive of your success, Projectionista will give you a one-time extension for 7 extra days, if needed on shorter campaigns
  • Most campaign durations are 30 – 75 days in length
  • Shorter campaigns need consistent vigilance and good planning, including employing established networks
  • Longer campaigns often lose the sense of urgency so be careful in choosing the length of the campaign
  • Execute your project and communicate with your funders and consistently provide them with updates
  • Deliver your perks and rewards to your backers as promised


  • Projectionista has fixed and flexible campaign models
  • Free to start a campaign, get started by registering
  • You must have a valid bank account
  • 5% fee for a successful campaign where funding goal is reached
  • 6% fee on unsuccessful campaign where funding goal is not reached on a non-flexible campaign
  • 2% fee for charity as a verified 501(3)(c) non-profit fix duration or open ended campaign
  • 4% fee payment processing with Stripe payment services
  • If the funding goal is reached early you have the option of concluding your campaign early
  • You can cancel your account only if there are no funds in your current campaign.
  • Projectionista campaigns are not limited to the USA. But anywhere in the world.
  • Projectionista accepts and disburses funds in USD, CAD, EUR, AUD and GBP